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I love you from the ceiling 
All the way through the floor 
All the way around the world and a whole lot more is unconditional 
Through sunshine 
And through snow 
The love I have in my heart you will never know for you will never change 
When your right 
And when your wrong 
This love I have for u 
I've never loved so strong 

This love I have for you 
Still gives me butterflies in belly 
This love I have for you 
Turns my legs into jelly 

This love I have for you 
Often hurts my hearts
But I know this love I have for 
Is the love that will never part

This love I have for you 
Grows stronger ever day 
What I'm trying to tell u is 
This love I have for you is
Here now and here to stay 

I love you more today 
Than yesterday 
But less than I will tomorrow 
Your my light my sunshine my happiness
And wen we argue just a little bit of sorrow .


  • Aug 25, 2022

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