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I’ve heard from 

Nigga fuck shit To 

Spic suck Dick-Butt

Never have I heard 

Any White Bread up 

In This Sandwich.

Reminds My Inner

Sarcasm White Being 

the Iron-ic Cause.

This Racist Syringe’s

Be-Vel Emersed the 

Need-le  Blood tipped,  

Quips Of triggered 

Words still drip

From the vein slit,

As  I loosen the 

Belt’s grip Circle

Hating The Whip.

OH but the High from It

I walked outside on It!

Laws now state “ Comply with It “.

Blowin smoke watching Me  

Sur-prised with Choke Pussy-

Dick Eth-nis-tic Shit .

Slurring My words 

Stuck  off the 

Though of It .

Can’t Soup unless

I  dump a Cracka’

Or Ling in It .

Who ready to go

Ham on some Karen 

And Kung Foo bitch,

But This is My First 

Amendment don’t

Let Me Defend It.


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