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Right Foot in front 

Of the Other.

Next the Left,

Same too and 2 will 

Then be the Number.

Di-Blocks of Tree 

Lines that Bi-Cycles my 

Mind Pe-dalled

Thoughts Build-ing a

3-D Con-structure.

From Heights of which 

Glass  Ceilings can’t  over,

To Under-neath 

Bridges Park benches 

And Gutters.

ColorPlot with Character

Iss-ues and Cym-bal-ic  

Attempts with its Blunders; 

..Last but not Least Codes Signs 

Commerc-ials and Wonders

Build bigger Build bigger

The Ground  and The Figure

Double do the 2 and 4 will 

Be Total number of worlds

To Imagine Create or Mirror.

…for my daughter Jasmin Shree Godiva


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