The Fleeting Of Time Read Count : 22

Category : Poems

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Theme:. Moment To Remember

Just like a glimpse of light 
And like a peep of flashlight
It is the fleeting of time 
How faster it pass by leaving behind some memories 
Memories that never fade but always display 

Time a young Mr. would be led to school
Time his hand were held to write
Time he never understood his father's rite 
Time he was so innocent gentle and cool 
Moment to remember. 

When puberty climbed the ladder 
And the little Mr. refuse to be called boy but guy rather bro
Pride, ego and self confidence set in 
Feelings arose and the mind to do evil grows together with it's conscious mind 
But when Mr. was little boy 
World was innocent with unmindful heart
And unconcern about wickedness of the world 

Time when conscious couldn't fight 
When Mr. would fight and immediately smile so bright 
These are moments to remember
It's so pity despite that the conscious has grown 
Yet mind to do evil increasie every blows of air

Gone are the days 
When Mr. is being helped to do things
But now bro is hustling with sweat all over is pants 
Time flies so fast 
These are the moment to never forget but always remember. 

Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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