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Sub Category : Rap
This needs to be the last time that I say goodbye,
I don’t want to make you cry, 
Kills me when I can see it in your eyes, No more tears,
 sorry that I can’t be there, 
It’s only fear 
of loneliness so don’t be scared
of the demons that been laying here,
Only when the stars align, 
Will it be the next time, 
That the universe cross your mind, 
An you can picture it when I smile,  

See me for my worth when you capture moonlit sky’s,
Hold onto last words when it just becomes just another guy, 
Your moral compass went south leaving you to put that on for size,
I’m tired of the disrespectful lines disloyalty an broken hearted lies, 
So please don’t hate when you see me start to shine, 
Just know like time every line that rhymes came from you before I let it fly.


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