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Here I 

in I Cuffs,

Hear I.

I Here,

Am I.

Hear I

In I Cuffs,

Here I

I Hear

Am I?

In I cuffs,

It rough ,


Reach-ing ,

But not  Happy

At all.

When this Race

Requires  I 

move Freely,


your System,

I Don’t 

Trust It

At all.

Because of 

These Limited


All I can provide 

Is “ not enough “,

And that’s rough.

Plus with a 

Wife and Breed,

Who need to 

Breast and Feed,

Your want 

Has effected 

my need.

Therefore this 

System it

Cannot be,



I object to 

This Le-gal-ly!

Am I not 

Already Free?

If Equality is 

A must.

Then unCuff Me,

So that I 

Can be Free!



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