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Step aground Scurry sound,
Rat-tles the branches
As when Autumn leaves
Hallowed Ground.
Loose  in Foot-wear Mole 
Figures can still Peak Out and 
See Narc’sists cannot 
Stand the Feet.
Tho Mustard Seed Plant 
In Hollow Breeze
How Sud-den-ly 
Supply in Need of 
Deman-d whose Hand
Turns Gold Brown in-to 
Mountains crops Top 
To Topped Full Green
Rotary Winds Leaned in
Asth-ma-tic Distress 
Over-come by a 
20 Year Smoking Habit.
Hard to keep Hand 
From Off Your Belt When 
Terrible Tantrums pout You 
Know They got to have it!!
Butt Although Mustard Seed 
Against narrow entrys
Can Produce Un-ease,  
Meds high on Mountain 
Will find it not that  
Diffi-cult To Breathe-Red
Will turn Green-As You 
Burn and You Bundle 

……Your Ganja Weed.


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