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Sin has grown slowly
Since the dawn of time
Always chasing after
The heart of man

Lust of the flesh
And the pride of life
These are my tools
To cause you pain and strife

My name has been lost
To the halls of time
But you all know me
Now is my time

Children speak my incantations
They think of it as truth
Drawing more to my throne
Before my time is through

Can you hear my voice
Speaking my deceit
Chaining you down
By your hands and your feet

Feel the weight of sin 
Dragging you down
Causing you to falter
And hit the ground

There you will find
Emptiness abounds
Can you hear my laughter
As you slowly drown

I used to be
An angel on high
But pride and arrogance
They took my life

I am here to cause you
Pain and suffering
To stick a finger in the eye
Of the Living GOD

That is my goal
My aim today
Suffering and pain
It is my way

Lash them all
Within inches of their life
Make them children of my hell

I can feel their suffering 
I can feel their pain
Brings joy to my heart
That I can’t explain


  • Aug 20, 2022

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