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Can you hear the bootsteps of the gestapo
Coming to your door
Bringing with them tyranny
In the robes justice wore

They call for humility
And for righteousness
But do they know the words
And the meaning there of

The leadership is blind
To the truth they now preach
Hypocrisy the norm
Justice out of reach

Hand over your rights
Hand over your pleas
Give the man what he wants
From down on your knees

Call it all classified
When talking of the man
Keep their plans under wraps
Defying the laws of man

Justice in the courts
Puppets dressed in black
Pretend solemnity
With a sudden attack

Who are these men
Who defy the law
Is there any end
To what’s hidden in the straw

Save the American way
By the deeds done today
If we don’t do it now
It all goes away

Who will expose
The emperors new clothes
When bills become laws
That ordinary men can’t attend

Brick by brick
They’ve built their wall
The sign out front
Says it all


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