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Flowers of flora scattered for dance

Blue Orchid turned to see lily-white

Lily hid herself among the flowers

"Will you dance with me", Orchid coaxed

Pink Lotus heard persuasion near her

"May I, Mr. Blue," Lotus nodded

Wait! Wait! Ms Lotus, I was asking to Ms White

Lily excused she's with someone else

Rose grabbed her hand, "that someone is me"

Before her lips opened Rose pulled her close

Wait! Mr. Player, flirt & play with flowers, I'm not rich in colour and status
You are lovelier not loyal to single flower, your eyes on every flower

"Stupid! psycho! Who is falling in love with you? Poor! look your quantity & status, I don't care you" Rose in annoyed tone

She step back and left the dance


  • bor

    Aug 22, 2022

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