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Sub Category : Fantasy
That was chill rainy day when Rashu came from Nidhi's house at approx. 9 pm onwards A sudden chilling rain pelted her with stinging drops She opened the umbrella and held it The sky was covered with black clouds  When She walked on the path alone heard the horrible noises of thundering and lightening 

She scared and moved fast to reach her home That moment her head spinned cause of dehydration and she impinged with M.O.D
She was imbalance herself and fell  He held her in his arms She pulled herself to balance and managed  "Sorry!.. Sorry! Sir, it is my fault" She bowed her head before the M.O.D

"You looks scare and hurry to reach your  home" His rough voice admixed in air
She kept quite and up her head to saw him
She was scared to saw his outlook, black lose long gown, covered his half face and held a  strange wand She thought it would be trending fashion but a wand probably it would be added to fashion  

"It is bothering you or your lie" He acted like fortuneteller She denied, "Nothing bothering me" "I know what is going on inside you, tornedo of controversies make you uneasy and uncomfortable" His mouth oozed out her inner pain  She amazed to hear it "Who are you, Sir! What your intentions? May I know" 

"It is not important who am I but what your inner conflicts? How to overcome over it?"
She kept quite........
He laughed to see her quite
"Hahahaha..... You silly! Keep silent is not the solution"
When he laughed lightening & thundering began to more 
"Do you wants to know me, will you digest it Be strong yourself first"
She scared to say, Yes! Yes! I'm
"I'm Messanger of Death from hell"His voice was horrible and aloud
When he opened his mask, skull head, red burning eyes and skeleton body
She dumbfounded to see the fire in his eyes Tear drops on her hand and She fell down

"It is not lie, it is just like that The reason behind it is good, no wrong intentions" Sir
"I know you did it for good or you have good intentions but lie is lie and you will get the punishment"

"Sorry! Sir I admit and accept the punishment "
Ready for it...
He held her to stand up and blessed "I'm happy you are passed my test Daughter! You hide  tears in presence of rain drops, mask  your pain into smile, Make up to cover up  inner bleeding and broken pieces"

"Amazing! You have been doing Don't worry your hard time will soon pass away and you will have good time upcoming.... My blesses with you, all your wish comes true"

At last he looked her eyes and vanished...


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