Tier High School: Episode 4- An Old Friend Part 1 Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Autumn: "Aydin, let's go!"

Aydin: "Why are the boys training with us today! It's not fair!"

Autumn: "It's only for a week, they're area needs to be updated with a new equipment."

Addilyn: "Yeah, and plus, Elon will be training with us; so it's not all bad."

Teacher: "Alright ladies and gentlemen, as you know, the boys will be training with us for the week while training area gets an overhaul of upgrades."

All the Girls: "Ugh!"

Teacher: "It is what it is, let's start."

*Looks around for Elon* "Teacher, where's Elon? I don't see him."

Teacher: "He's in the bleechers."

Boy Voice: "What!? How come!?"

Teacher: "Our equipment can't rate his power at the moment, that's why you're here with the girls."

Aydin: "Is that the overhaul is for, Elon?"

Autumn and Addilyn: "Wow-"

Aydin: "Elon is that strong?"

Boy Voice: "Tch, show off."


Elon: *Yawns* "I'm so bored."

Aydin: "Sal, leave us alone!"

Elon: "Huh?"

Sal: "Haha, no, this is so fun. Wish the other boys were here to see ya'll right now!"

Addilyn: "You're supposed to practicing with the androids!"

Sal: "Yeah, but they don't feel pain, you guys can."

Elon: "Tch, what an ass."

Sal: "Fire Bullet-"

Voice: "Energy Shield!"

Elon: "Shield?"

Voice: "Where is, Elon?"

Sal: "Why should I tell you? Move out my way!"

Aydin: "Who are you..?"

Voice: "Chance 8, Engage."

Elon: "Tier 4 Activate!"

Voice: "Black Death!"

Sal and the girls: "What the!"

Elon: "Energy Cube!"

Voice: "Heh, there you are, traitor!"

Addilyn: "Traitor?"

Aydin: "He knows Elon?"

Elon: "What are you doing here Trinstin!?"

Trinstin: "Heh."

Elon: "Did your brother sent you?"

Trinstin: "Don't worry about it, Black Hole."

Elon: "Energy Cube!"

Trinstin: *Punches Elon in the stomach*

Elon: "Ahh!"

Trinstin: "Heh." *Kicks Elon to the wall*

Autumn: "Elon!"

Teacher: "Kids to the bunkers now!"

Aydin: "You bastard! Who are you and what do you want, with Elon!"

Trinstin: "Who are you calling a bastard little girl?"

Aydin: "You, jerk!"

Autumn: "Aydin, stop!"

Addilyn: "Aydin we need to go like the teacher said!"

Trinstin: *Smiles and faces Aydin*

Aydin: "I'm not afraid of you!"

Elon: *Grunts while lifting his head up slowly*

Trinstin: "Engery Blade!"

Addilyn: "Autumn. Aydin, no!"

Trinstin: "Heh."

Elon: "Aydin... Autumn..?" *Elon whispers to himself*

Trinstin: "Weak."

Elon: "Trinstiiinnn!"

Trinstin: "The Beast finally awakes!"

Addilyn: "Elon..?"


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