Betrayal💔 Pt.5 Read Count : 75

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
I waited all day for her reply and finally at night she messaged me. I was curious to know her answer. She had accepted my proposal and said "I Love U❤️" For a moment it shook my heart and My heart skipped a beat. I replied her with “I Love U Too❤️” That moment can't be explained in words. We started dating eachother. The reson sge dated me was for the money I owned. She wold frequently ask me to buy her expensive gifts . I used to give her gucci and Dior bags worth $1000. It was my biggest mistake. She would frequently ask me to meet her and have romantic moments but I was not preaped for that ,so would make excuses. then one night I thought about it and asked her to meet me in a hotel near her house. The hotels owner was a friend of my dad and if any problem raised it would be solved easily.


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