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In my life mother is a world in this world, we can learn many things.

When mother born world has been created.

Her smile will be like a blossom of flowers.

Her breathe will be like fresh natural air.

When she cries her tears comes as rain.

When she loves his son her love will be like an ocean full of water.

When she cares it will be like honey.

When she is sad it will be like land which is unfit.

When mother encourage it will be like the sun shines which makes the world bright and also makes shine my life.

When she died the world be like without the sun totally the world will become dark.

When I was entered into this world mother has thought me how to face failures, succeed in life.

I believe that the mother chapter will take me to a great position in my life.

Finally, I love this mother's nature and also this world.

I love you, mom .............................

Specially dedicated to all the mother's around the world.

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  • i love my mom tooo

    Aug 12, 2022

  • 👏👏

    Aug 14, 2022

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