My Pretty Perfect Lulu From Canada (French Canada 🇨🇦 🇫🇷) Session 1 Step 2. Read Count : 80

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Chapter  C) :What kind of a way to spend dinner for six months getting cold. 

The horrible six months had passed and she was still cold and wet in the punishment chamber with her body well broken and used by her Spanish Dominant Daddy who used force on her. throughout those horrifying 6 months for both of them, that afternoon she was starting to make noise and shout in French language :(S'il te plaît, relâche-moi tout de suite, il fait très très froid ici) at her Spanish Dominant Daddy but instead he was ignoring her until she made a effort to speak to him properly and in British English. It was very hard for Lulu has part of her Training with her Spanish Dominant Daddy, was to learn English  because she only could speak French, so that why she was learning from him to lose her level of Shit and Stubbornness to become more confidence with her Spanish Dominant Daddy and improve her levels of Education in English & Spanish language. Well she finally got released for the punishment chamber on lower floor of Castle., so when Lulu saw her first day and night of she was very excited to have her Spanish Dominant Daddy wait at the top of the staircase (44 steps Down staircase to punishment chamber) She also knew she had to be very careful about what she said next to her Spanish Dominant Daddy. Antonio Louise Lulu's Spanish Dominant Daddy, six months on a cold Monday morning at 7:45 am, at awoken by a light warm bucket of water pour over her by Spanish Dominant Daddy to see how reasonable and ready she was  to be release and have Sexual training on how to travel to the local village with her Spanish Dominant Daddy riding her as pony girl and use as cart for fellow people in the future to come to their relatives in the future. 

May 4th : Monday morning at 7:45 am had begun her long journey into the village and then though the Canadian countryside before returning to the castle 17km outside of the village. (Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska) 


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    Aug 12, 2022

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