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I miss you pussy buddy why did you go for four months  I'm your elder buddy, Pussy I know you are fan of cats You got catophobia whenever you not hear the word cat you don't take food, play and sleep You are now nine month crawls here and there to search me My sweety golu pussy when you are grow up to  teen and read this journal probably I'm not with you  Baby!  not weep when you reminds me Ok! I luv u infinity......... Pussy! I'm stylist 'Bu' of Yours  Take care of  whole family and look after me
Your GM and me Luv you! Miss you Those time which we spent with you comes to our memory Pussy I  give you some life tips take it as my blesses
1. Touch your elder feets to gain blesses
2. Respect, care, love, affections and obey        your elder ones Obey the right things
3. See the matter in every angle and                  thoroughly before you will do
4. Before you go to bed and after you wake      up, pray to God, he will show you the              light of right path, direction and protect.        you and thanks him for everythings
5. In your work, studies, passion & career           gives your hundred percentage effort,           honesty, truth and have confidence and         believe in yourself
6.  Made yourself self sufficient, self reliant       and be your own fighter Life is hard,               harsh, and tough so prepared yourself           for struggle
7.  If perchance you fall in obstacle and             harsh, critical situations  Nobody                   with you that time you will be your own         fighter
8.  Try to learn new things, see the world in       new way, 'Think good and do good',               learn defense technique to defend                 yourself and succour others I learned it         and you don't believe that I defended my       sis and me 
9.  Pussy! be generous, polite, kind and                love  to yourself and others Increase              your iq read, play games etc.
10. The time will come in life when you                 falls in  complicate situations either it.           is boyfriend ,  career or passion                       where your parent and elder opposes             you That time you should calm and               patiently handle the situations Try to             manage the sensitive matter to see               what is right for you, what is actually             right that not means to sacrifice                     yourself You would take out the way to         balance and make it right 
11. Choose the passion what you really               wants to do and bf or Lp  choose who           really loves and stand for you          



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