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The Body not Co-ld.

In Ha-nd, On-e Ro-se.

Outline’s Red, both Vase

And Head,

The way Scene  po-se.

This brings back Mem-ry,

Past Rose CaseVase, Dead Bo-dy.

Unless the Rose Turns 

Money Fold,

It’s the Va-se guilt-y.

Who but Hell Do We chase?

On-ly Sus-pect in place.

Part of this Pic-ture

Paint like this Vic-tim,

Her Smack on His Face.

But This re-minds e-ven Me,

Another Dead Wanna-be,

Who chose the Rose that did 

Not un-fold and well-once was

The Vase and Me.


Hi-s Bo-dy now Co-ld.

In Ha-nd A Ros-es!

Outlines the Head of

The Vase Plum Rum 

Red as the Mur-der Scene frozed. 

No Suspect To chase You see

In the Game of what 

Did You bring Me?

Unless Your Rose Made from Money-fold, My Guess,

…The Vase-guilty!


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