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Sub Category : Historical Fiction
One day a mother frog with her three littles went to market to buy clothes for her littles When they jumped together through the path They saw an elephant cross the path They astonished to see an elephant specially littles which they didn't see it before  They asked her, 'what it is? And what it has large hanging? ' She knew the large animal known as elephant because She saw it before So She told them confidently that strange looking animal is an elephant It looked strange, huge and has large hanging bloated belly The littles stuck with the thought of how an huge strange animal have large hanging bloated belly and our mother don't have it She is also bigger than us Why She don't have large belly like it

Mother frog punctuated them,'Let's buy the clothes and eat something nice and return to home safely' They concuss their heads and said, Ok! They ate delicious, bought clothes and balloons Happily returned to home Whilist She had rested, one of them came near her and said, ' mother wake up'.....'mother wake up', there is an elephant
outside'  Mother breathlessly wakes up and  shouted, what?? where? Her littles raised their fingers to outside the home She got frightened to think of an large animal or animals They went to ouside where there was none She asked them what it is? why do you kidding with me? They giggled and coaxed her to pretend to be an elephant and big belly like it

She laughed on their childish demand and said, 'how it is possible a small frog to pretend to be a huge animal, it is impossible, God made us different in texture, structure, colour, qualities and size It is not right to compare and intrude in God's made Ok!  Let it go and play When her mother turns to back one of them hold her hand and persuade her, wait! Please mother we want to see your big belly She gave up due to their stubborn  insists  She tried to pump up her belly slowly, slowly... They were in zeal and excitement to see her large hanging belly and said,' more! Mother more! , fast! And fast! She tried to pump up fast and fast Suddenly! Her belly explodes into pieces and has spot death Sudden traumatic incident happened to them, they didn't understand it They screamed out loud, what happen to her mother! They lost her because of their childish stubborn insists They cried out to pick up the pieces of her


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