Why They Hate🥀 Read Count : 54

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In life everybody has a remedy but don't none of that isshh means nothing to me

 After 15yrs of struggling just to breathe unlike a soldier I was never at ease

 Why am I fighting everyday jumping over obstacles YOU put in my way

 You threw me in your game like a fly caught in a web but I endured the pain so now I ask you what else

 You can try to do to me I refuse to live in guilt, shame or misery all of that in beneath me 

 How I approach my day is on my time and everything I have it still isn't mine

 It all belongs to my maker that breathe life in me still looking unto Him while I hold my peace

 They watching my moves every step I take got them singing the blues that's why they hate ..

 Me without a cause that's why I leveled up I was born a boss And I've had enough   .


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