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I went with her through the darkest days,
Until I saw the sun smiling,
The cloudless sky shining...
The rain carried away.

Burning my soul,
Making her soul all mine.
Young and beautiful my girl is,
Her gaze hides this ocean of love.

I knew that the waves
Would calm down one day,
And the rain would stop
Flooding our tears and pain...

Leaving us free to love,
Always together.
Able to dream.

By my side
In the worst storms,
Holding my fingers snuggled
Against her chest, close to her mouth.

She never let go of my hand,
I went with her through the darkest lives.
...Through the darkest nights,
...Through the darkest storms.

When all the city lights went out,
She turned on the light of my heart.


  • Aug 09, 2022

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