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Behind the wall is an unknown tomorrow,
A tomb blocked owns nothing but sorrow, 
Since the grave is covered a sight to see the world can't be borrow,
Tomorrow might not be able to visit still shoot thy arrow.

Behind the wall lies a gold speaking of light,
Perhaps, a pit, a place of obscurity where there's no light,
What lies behind the wall seems unknown,
Yet halt not to give attention to the echo that sounds like gun.

The future can be predictable,
But what we predict might not be attainable,
With strength and force can the wall be broken?,
Be anxious of nothing but with an excellent patient to let the convenant be broken,
What behind the wall is uncertainty. 

Behind the wall might be a sepulchre of sorrow,
Likewise a paradise that shines like crystals of hallow,
Behind the wall is an abyssopelagic zone,
It's unprecedented but if ye are calm like a dove what behind the world can be known,
With patients stones can be cooked soft. 
© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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