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I use to make u laugh
I use to make u smile 
Now all u do is frown 
And I don't know y 

Do u regret being with me 
I wish you would tell me how u feel
I'm always second guessing 
I could all way be guessing wrong 
And won't no till u reveal

I can never do right from rong 
Which makes me feel sad inside 
I all ways feel like  welling up 
And burst into a cry 

Please tell me if your not happy 
Please tell me how you feel 
When we got together
You promised to keep it real 

You promised to never cheat on me
You promised to never lie 
You always promised if u had problem
You say how you felt inside 

But that's not the case 
Instead you all ways seem pissed
You always seem mad 
But why are you like this 
I can never say or do 
The right thing 
I really do try
Instead u make me feel I disappoint you 
Which makes my inside cry 

I don't know how to change this 
I wish I could 
I'm trying not to let it hurt my feelings 
Just like I wish u would 


  • Aug 06, 2022

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