IS IT A CRIME TO LOVE? Read Count : 26

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It always seems so funny 
When I always feel so hot when it's not sunny
I always feel like a needle thrusted into a burning fire 
I feel weary without getting tired 
Is this what love really means? 

I thought many often do say if love is a crime 
They prefer to commit it and pay it's price without paying a dime 
Do they really know the price of love?
Or is there any love somewhere without a curve? 
Wow! I can't believed I was deceived 

Am I that so bad or an unlucky one 
To receive this special package from someone
Have cried the last tears yet I couldn't move on
Can somebody sons and daughters tell me how they move on?  

Is it a crime to fall in love?
Or maybe I only fell into wrong love 
I'm so immature I can easily swim it over 
The load of pain on me is much more than what I can carry over 
Is it a crime to confess my love or it's better to sink with it. 
© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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