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Ain’t been no 

Sun-shine for days,

E-ver since My 

Father has gone a-way. 

A grey line

So sublime

I find re-mind,

M-e tha-t my 

Dad has gone away.

Leaves blown ‘gainst

My back but none 

That hit home’n


That My Sax don’t  

Pla-y them tenor

Tales in buck-et 

Breves of 

Fa-ilng scales.

Song-s  in the

Die-rect-ion of,

The Leaves blown’

To show Love.

To whom the Leaves 

Are call-en,

It Sounds sharp

Al-tho the 

Notes flat-ten.

What is to-day


God it’s been

Since this grey 



A-way the Day.

In kick the buck-et,

Full of scales.

Been to-tally grey

All Day-til light-ning

Shines Sil-ver line-ing

A-gainst greys dis-may.

As Eye’s tear away

And I begin to play 

Life and Death’s


Tha-ts’po-se to 

Play that way.


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