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Is it the sweetness of this earth you want to taste?
Or the bittersweet that hid under the grave 
Yes, a grave, a package of sorrow to living but to the victim a joyful taste 
And why are you in haste ?
After all you shall still pay thy debt to the grave 
Surely no glory in this world 

As light for the morning and darkness for the night no season lasted forever
As deep as an ocean may be, there's still an end even if it's the deepest ever 
Someday, one-day, and a day shall appear like a rainbow appear on the sky 
When air shall seized and light shall be hung and tied 
When the loudness of the silent shall rule over a place of it's over 
When the silent of thy loud voice would not be heard 

Six feet for the kings and the slaves 
A place where the best glowing skin shall rest upon 
A place where skins that have been troubled and eaten by craw-craw shall also rest upon 
A place for the tallest 
And a room for the shortest 
A room for those that can walk 
And a room for the cripple 
A place that knoweth not holy or evil 
Six feet that swallow all the earth struggle and man's goals 

No glory in this world
No glory here for me and you 
But a place where body shall not speak but the whispering of the shadows shall be heard 
A place where perhaps eyes can't see but sense might feel 
A place of no more pains and tears 
A place of no more competition 
A place where our glories are glooming and glowing like a stable sun 
A place where there's no racism 
A rest place and an abode for the travellers 

Heed to my last word, trouble not thyself upon a thing
Seek not light where darkness rule 
Kill not for the sake of becoming wealthy 
For it's nothing after thy demise 
For you and me, no glory in this world 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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