Business Nightmare Before Returning Home To London (Untied Kingdom) Read Count : 39

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Fantasy: Last dinner with the balls She invited me for a dinner at her place. I came. I came in the afternoon, late afternoon. She was beautiful. Her outfit was irresistibly. Black an dark blue dress, minus skirt, black nylons. she was irresistible. She was very kind with me. ……. The night Evening, night dark night She called me to her room. I went. She said: “Are you ready to serve me as a subservient her Mistress” I was surprised although I had some fantasies like that before. I never thought it would happen. ………. The castration I was on the floor naked. She forced me to lick her feet, ankles, and vagina. I was completely hers at that moment. I had desire to penetrate deep inside her. I already had ejaculated premature. “Oh what a mess!”- She said. “Maybe I need to take all control over you.” “Yes, dear Lady.”-said I. “We need more time”- she said and started to tie me up. She tied me up in a few minutes. I was very surprised when she started to tie up my balls with the elastic bands. “What’ s this, dear Mistress?”-said I. “I am going to castrate you tonight”-said she. I thought it was a joke or simply her new role-play but…… -“ I wish to castrate you, are you consented?  I would do it in a surgical and safe way if you were consented. You would lose your balls for me.” -“Oh, dear Mistress, you are irresistible…. I can’ t resist you. I have had this fantasy of being castrated by you since I met you.” -“I’ll do my best to castrate you… I’ll do it on Friday or tonight.” -“Yes, Mistress.” -“You’ll be my eunuch then. Are you consented” -“ Dear Mistress, it must be a great honor to get castrated by you, but will you keep our secret?” -“Of course I will.” Then she tied me up. I was tied up by bed. My balls were exposed to her. She gently cut the scrotum opening it then pulled my balls out. “Now I am castrating you. Your testes belong to me. I will cut them off. Are you still consented?” I said: “I m not sure.” She slapped me twice and say: “ No escape, you’ll get what you wanted. I am castrating you and your balls will drop” After half an hour I had no balls left. I had only an empty ball sack. “You have castrated me very well.”-said I without any balls left. “It’s an irreversible did. You have been castrated for good.” -“Mistress, please let me be yours for ever.” -“You certainly will be mine for entire life. I will play with you..” -“Will you keep my balls somewhere?” -“Yes, in this jar (showing me my balls She had just taken)” -“Please Mistress, don t tell anybody.” -“It depends of your behavior.” She was so beautiful that night I would remember for the rest of my life. She castrated me surgically at the end of that nightmare. 


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    Aug 07, 2022

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