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Do walls really have ears
If so, why don't they interact with the living
What sound does the wind make
When dark clouds show up, so then
What sound do walls make
When humans talk undertone
A stranger has seen the unbelievable

A sculpture from a broken wall
Wearing the face of a human
Changes it's mood
Day and night
Like a chameleon
Changes it's colour 
I can see the mountain running towards me
Feeling the heavy footsteps of it's huge legs
The mountain did not move
Those were the drums making noise in my ears

Special creatures planning on something new
My ears couldn't reach their conversation
Their voices disappearing 
As I walk across the lonely street
That was a past dream
Creating flashbacks in my mind
A statue behind an old big tree
Wearing the face of a fiend
Keeping kids away from their favourite spot

The trees sway by a strong wind
Speaking their own language
Playing tricks in my mind
Why can't these images be real
The world without phantasm
Will be fantastic.


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