My Personal Biography With A Dominant Lady (Part One) Read Count : 37

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After the relationship between Us had stopped working (five years and six months and a half) me and my beautiful ex Mistress, we are still very good friends but we still have our reasons why we left the horrible and bad relation of Bdsm,. We left behind a few errors and made mistakes together but we were able to push ourselves forwards without looking backwards. Also Mistress and myself are still in communication with each other after what happened after the relationship we had together but we are communicating with each other as normal friends but distant friends. From each other now. But it's not all been bad in that time since we became less of of Bdsm community friends. Because I still speak to a lovely lady and she very Pretty and Kinky but definitely Fashionable (powerful enough in Bdsm community events and activities). We have been spending time with each other to ensure that we learning more about about each other (That includes My Beautiful ex Mistress ) 


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    Aug 07, 2022

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