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Vessels of Water like no 

Other Mi Daughters 

Salt don’t alter,

Cool nah Fall-ter.

Even in the winter

When some scripture

Talk bout Bitter Lick,

Her Rum Burns 

The tongue 1 

Ra -ging Fire.

It is nothing new.

That a Wor-kin man 

Need Sat-is-fac-tion

In all H-im do.

This Includes the

Drink-in’ of brew.

And none a that ov-er 

Spice-d shit Yawl

Spe-w-from that,

Under table

Toil-et Doo-Doo.

So-listen don’-t 

Let there be  any

Disorder  over the 

Fire Water When 

We Done come,

Straight cross the 

Bor-der To see 

Daughter With the 

Dark flavor bottle

Keep Her shape longer.

Round table 

Dance pachata

Hit  piñatas  

Like  bullets

From our revolvers,

Like gunman do.

So don’t let You 

Be the tops

Fingers Trigger-ed are

Force to un-screw.


( Chorus)

Vessels of 

Wa-ter like no 

O-th-er My


Salt don’t 


Cool nah 


E-ven in the


When Pre

Dic -tions call for 

Bi-tter-er wint’Her 

Rum Burns, 

Go down 1

Ra-ging Fire.


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