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Is this the definition of insanity?
Was it love, or did I feed off your depravity?
Gripping at roots from the earth as if there’s no gravity.
If I bleed, would it change your ability for apathy? 
I can't tell what a sociopath is. 
Not that I care as long as my label is his. 
His girl, his lady, his woman, his wife.
If he chooses another, I will end his life.  
I'd bury you on the farm, you know, like you always threatened. 
Every blow or dig you said just had me strengthened.
You don’t know me before all this “us” time.
Of course, I said there wasn’t anyone else; you’re a cop, and I have committed crimes.
I follow a particular formula and play the same games.
Nice try, my dear won’t be giving out names.  
Before you decide that you no longer love me.
It’s more intelligent for you to fake or pretend, my sweet. 
I feel you waiver; my body doesn’t get you back in line.  
I’m a psycho, my love, and you will only be mine.
Of course, you can decide to choose the other path.
But understand I look sweet, but you don’t know my wrath. 
You can run, but you can’t hide.
I enjoy the chase and inflicting pain on the ones who try.
Believe me when I say the pain will be real.
Just like my heart, you’ll never heal. 
So suck it up and be forever perfect that the deal. 
If not, you’ll be six feet under your fate will be sealed. 


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