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•You have to endure the pain
•That this cold world often brings
•Even when life feels insane
•People hate you and don't know nothing but your name

•The devil never takes a break
• His job is to exhaust the inner man
•Pushing you just to see how much you can take
•Your soul to take is his plan 

•Misery loves company
•And in greed there's never enough
•The reason why he keeps trying you and me
•Is apart of his bluff

•He doesn't want to be alone
•In a place where he's already condemned 
•In hell he made his home
•Now he wants us out on a limb

•To grasp at the straws of life
•Never to get a full embrace
•Every chance to stab with a knife
•Just to keep us slumped in a dark place

•I refuse to stay where there's NO LIFE
•Or where one's not celebrated 
•keep running endure the strife
•Going where we're tolerated

•In life there's no do over
•But we strive for perfection  everyday
•So take it by the horns and ride her like a range rover
•Regardless of what other's have to say

•This pain is temporary
•So pushed through to get to the other side
•Remember to make your legacy legendary
•And embrace IT with pride

•Only boasting in God
•And how He bought us through
•When others knew it was a facade 
•But the motives were true!!


  • Aug 01, 2022

  • Love it

    Aug 01, 2022

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