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There is a God somewhere,
Whose presence alone brings heaven.
Though he lives far above in heaven,
I still feel his presence everywhere.
His ways of love leaves me craving,
Craving for more than deserving.
He is always there, anytime, anywhere.

It doesn't matter when I call him here,
The sadness in my heart leaving,
The tears from my eyes drying,
At the moment he gets here,
Because he takes my affairs to heaven,
Along with his angels defeating every coven,
I don't need to see him to know he is here.

This kind of love is rarely seen anywhere.
Every time I go astray, sinning,
He is always there with open arms, waiting,
For me to realise my way back there,
There by his side, manifesting.
Many desire a wealthy source of living,
But I desire God's unfailing love, just right here.



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