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Light naa  
Shine  Brite  
In this 
Dance-hall to
Be-ware in
Hear Stare
Bounty’s and 
Strapped to 
Kill on’em Life.
Shattah Dun’im 
Max Hold-on 
to Him Knife,
Start cho-ping
Blood-klaat like
O-nly for smo-kin’.

Keep all li-tes down-n  lo-w.
Holes in these walls
Not t-oo many sho-w.
Sa-loon after all,
Only cow-bwoy g-o.
Drink  Ta-kill-a,
Play dom-in-o.
Pi-a-no paid to 
Chords and  so-lo,
Pull Ar-gen-tine
Close 2 Me 3
Step She Tan-go.
As Girls Go-Go 
On  stage ear the 
Men yell Hell-o,
Gun-Shots whis-tles 
With the Girl’s tem-po.


Shine no Brites  
 In this 
Dance-hall to
Man in
Wear Badge
And Boun-ty
On’em Life.
Sha-ttas tap
Dem  gun
Dun’im Max
Grip on knife.
The only light
In Sight-should
Be from  smok-ing.


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