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Would I be cautioned if I say the old giraffe lie 
His promises were all full of no truth but lie 
The growing snakes were debunked by this rough face like a  monkey 
His youth are sweating even when it's not sunly 
Zuzari and his chieftancy must go 

The lazy youth said by our old giraffe
Are the tools and magnet that are attracting  fortunes to their father's land 
Our cheese and honey are been transferred by the law of motion to another land 
Food for all are being eaten only by them and in their hands hold a clever knife 
Duhari and his lying species must go 

The lazy youth took over the top table 
The lazy youth punches fierce boxers and took away their pride 
The lazy youth that are undisputable
Tell the old monkey to leave our throne and swallow his own pride 
Lai and his co-members must go 

Bring to us the Òpá Àse
And like we did to ye, to others let's be obedient 
Yet we're afraid if truly peter won't betray our Jesus 
We're not lazy Migerian youth 
We're the giant of Africa 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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