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I'm just a mean bitch.
These streets raised me.

Out there you have to have a vicious bark.

Sometimes you just have to let them think your wild and crazy.

And you better know how to throw a hard punch.

It's wise to always have a weapon.

I preferred ball ping hammers and hay hooks.

I'd pick one up and they'd run everytime.

I was known as a mean bitch.

I've fought for everything in my life.

Ran away my 12th birthday.

The streets were friendlier.

I just didn't belong.

Just a mistake that someone threw away.

The blackest of the sheep.

It made me a mean bitch.

I froze my heart inside out.

Built a towering brick wall,

Surrounded by dull rusty barb wired fence.

Blackberry thorns I've weaved through every crevice.

No one would ever concour this.

Made sure I would never feel again.

I needed to be a mean bitch.

In order to survive this untamed wreck of a life.

So if your a sissy lala,

And all tied up in your self entitled feelings,

Then it's best you stay away from this mean cruel bitch!

L. Mack



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