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It's been the same every day
Without delicacies and spices
It's dull and frustrating
This routine seems never ending
I do not wish to live like this
A single more time and i'm finished
I never thought i would need wings
But the time's making pretty much it
I would love to be lost all the way down-town
In light feathery sandles and knee-high evening gowns
Visit all the graves where fireflies sing
And the possibility to even talk to spirits
I wish to have candies and all those granola bars
The ones whose advertisements certainly stole my heart
Can we skip the malls and skyscrapers
I sat in the sunset in what seems like forever
It's been so long i felt like home
Even though i am safe and sound; it's lacking somehow
I don't want to rush with life but i;
Absolutely do not wish to live like this and sigh
I wish that luck be in my favour and universe on my aide
Destiny be doing it's job all the way, worthwhile 


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