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 I see the reflection of my happiness,
In your eyes,
Picture perfect,
Like a bouquet of posies,
Like a sky full of sunshine...
Defining my journey aforetimes,
Prologue of heaven,
Heaven on Earth.

I hear the reverb of choruses,
Hallelujah over there,
Someday I'll be there,
There my heart belongs,
No moth nor destroys,
Like a gold tried in fire...
The dawn of anaphoras,
How joy rankshift sorrows
To dust someday I'll bid farewell

I see the transparency of my heart,
In your words,
Pure  purity,
With a blink past becomes histories
I'll be transformed with a glimpse,
Just a blink I am home
To dust someday I'll bid farewell

In you I love to dwell
My home I destroy for a better home,
The cross I built upon
For a better home I'll live,
To the dust when I'll bid farewell


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