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Every phase of life we represent a boat to our destination. These phase of life could be in divers forms of which are;
*Academic life
*Financial life
*Spiritual life
*Marital life. etc
   Jonah is an attractive machine of problems. When Jonah comes into the boat of anyone, such a person/people welcomes problem into their lives. 
When problem comes to any boat, the Jonah in such a boat will feel no heat of problem the people/person will.
Jonah, being the machine herniating problems has nothing to loose but to relax and sleep.
* Such a person/people will loose all his/their treasure before getting to their destination. (Jonah1:3)
* You'll share the same problem with the Jonah in your boat.
When selecting those who will enter into your boat as to journey with;
* Don't just look but see what God wants you to see.
* Don't select friends or partner based on their psychedelics or paraphernalia attribute. (Don't select anyone into your boat because he/she appears churchy)


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