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Sidewalk blazing when 

Across my Red 

Eyes a site to 

See Text and Send 

On my I-phone.

“ MAGA in Neigh-bor-

Hood so do your best 

While Going Home “.

The Good Lord 

Knows Shepards 

Do not need 

The moon full,

To know

When Wolves 

Come to Skin the 

Sheep for its wool.

5 in a Case roaming 

On rotating wheels.

Described as 5 glass eyed, 

Henny Black Glockenspiels.

Speeding Gonzalez hype.

Zig-zagging thru stop signs.

While howling “ We own the night! “, Before pulling up  by my curbside.

Telling me to turn 

Round and to keep calm.

As if I’m Just 

Going to-wink-nod

And take the bend 

Over from the Same 

Hand holding The

Heat-ed cattle prod!

“ Cop said Stop! “THAT ! deep 

Burns till You see The 

White Devils Level.

Where Same posed those 

Fanged out splintered holes 

In Mr. Diallo’s door.

Was it 40 Knocks

Heard or maybe more?

But when the noise cleared, 

There laid out as

Portrayed slaughtered!

Like my Text feared.

Another Sheep’s wool Roll. 

The brand of Black Wallet 

Is Silent as Dropped on 

The Floor between the Wolves 

………And Amadou’s Front Door.


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