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So much of a sauna each talk feels.
Such a savant a Finch is .
So golden.
As much as the mandolin hides its anger,
It's melodic tunes can never be resisted.
So golden in its form but bows to vow.
An emotion of a defeated Oracle she dares to bare.
Sincere it should be.
Trustworthy we can all pledge.
So much as it has it own flaws,
This Finch is still my golden.
My golden Finch.
Oracles of it own perception.
Difficulty in tolerance sometimes?
She remains golden.
First sight of total deception.
But get closer and have a stare.
Get a closer view.
Discover that golden wing,
The quality that matters.
My Finch.
My golden Finch


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    Oct 11, 2022

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