"Thoughts" (Mental Illness+ Battle Field) Read Count : 22

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An intruder breaks into my mind
And a war is released;
I watch my thoughts carefully
And rebuke any imagination against my Master.
Not my thoughts and not my heart.
I fear the Lord with all my might
Though man will take away my flesh
But I fear the One who takes away my flesh, spirit and soul.
Why should I loose my own soul by a thought?
For He judges not just my talk
But my secret thoughts.
An intruder breaks into my thoughts and speaks against my Lord
But not my own thoughts nor heart speaks such evil;
When I allow the intruder in my thoughts
He has my entire soul.

So I say this to tell you
Never give room for the devil to invade your mind.
Never think of any lie or negative thing
Because once you believe in his schemes
And his lies in your mind.
You're already defeated.

But know there is a Spirit who is much powerful in you than the intruder on the earth.

A Mighty Warrior who saves your thoughts
But you have to rebuke any thought or ill imagination that comes in your mind

Always seek the light, the truth and the way
For He is the only door to go thru...


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