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Every little bit keeps turning into another burnt out light.
Fight, and fight, then fight some more. Fight till you can't move and the world stops for a few after losing your sight.

I'm sick; is that correct? It must be because this mindset stays sunk in so much disease. Heart goes cold; blood begins to freeze; then the soul goes frigid and the icicles become dangerous. Y'all get it. The frozen tundra, but it's not truly real. I was a worthless human, and I keep asking myself if I even am; a human.

Lost; most I've met would say I deserve it I bet. I hate me more than anyone else ever could; it's no lie. I'll never forgive myself because I already think I'm not worth it. Time will tell but as I said already, I'm undeserving, and it's hard to not believe. 

Never better, never worse. That's the course or maybe it's a curse. Internal torment won't seem to relent. 


  • Oct 10, 2022

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