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I'm very lucky to have u dear!..
Some times i laughed soo much because some silly things makes me like fool..I think ur the correct person to me.. I'm very honour to have makes me all time to spend happy with one can do like that.. But some critical situations happen to make me like stone that's way I can't reply you...
Think one thing???
    I'm love you but I can't love like you...
You makes me happy...
You makes me  joy..
You makes me sad..
You makes me angry..
You makes me love..
And soo much of care....
Thanks dear when you leave my hand &when you leave me alone I'm totally EMPTY"..I want life long a sweet journey with you... I'm zero when you not my side... soo please  don't avoid me stay with me...
I love you more than my family more than me...
Love you sooooooo much darling..                                                                                                                                  
Ohh! my dear...
   You love me soo much i trust you...your the luckiest person in my world.why you say sorry in all time???....i think your madly love with me.. I'm I right  I think I'm deeply love with you nobody can else enter in my heart..
Thanks for love me


  • Infinite Note

    Infinite Note

    Poorly worded. Nice attempt and heartfelt write. The poor wording made me lose interest though.

    Oct 09, 2022

  • Oct 09, 2022

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