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Noseyness is when someone whom you don’t want to interfere in your life does so, not really knowing if they even deserve and have the right to do something but still continues to do. There are a very few people, whom you personally would keep in the top list of yours, the ones that are genuinely there for you plus they continue to resemble a definite place in your life and prove to be the pure souls out there ! But on the other hand, someone who didn’t have the permission to invade in what you do in life, or how you do it, rather should not even be considered. Negativity as such, motivate you to evaluate the nosey person and avoid interacting with them after this ! Assuming people as such have got nothing else to do in their lives is found to be true. But would want them all to fix all of their life as a whole before focusing on yours. It would be much greater that way. Never have you known that these set of people are experts on your life and how you should live it rather than paying attention to theirs !

-Mahadiya Zulficar


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