No Matter What... Read Count : 25

Category : Diary/Journal

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Please tell me you love me forever and always 

Please tell me my doubts are pointless

Please tell me that everything is okay

Please tell me you love me for who and what I am

No matter how insecure I become 
No matter what changes I go through
No matter how long it takes me to learn to love myself

Please love me in a way that I cannot

Please teach me how to love myself

And if I cannot love myself


Let me love you

Forever and always 
Because your doubts are pointless 
And everything is okay
I love you for who and what you are
No matter how insecure you may be or the changes you may go through

I love you
Forever and always 
No matter what



  • This is feel worthy. You are truly a gifted writer. Doubt is something I struggle with, it's like you're in my head. Ty.

    Oct 05, 2022

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