"Son Of Daughters" Part: 3 Read Count : 23

Category : Poems

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Let him cry for the virgins,
Let him intercede for her behalf
Before the King of grace.
I shed my tears to thee oh God
May my mother be in thy arms;
May her children obey thy meekness.
Please not take the queen; 
Forgive her transgressions
Let not her doubts put her in flames.
But keep her in thy hands
O Father of Abraham,
Have mercy on us?

Guide my heart to thee
Bring my family before thy courts
Forgive them Lord.
Father pray for him; 
The prince of seas cries out
Out before thy throne
The son of virgins lay
In great shame;
may the king of queens repent before Him.
My Lord, my stone'; take not thy GHOST from me O Holy Son,
Come quickly to my rescue
O' Christ, my Saviour.


  • Oct 04, 2022

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