WHEN THE TIME COMES. Read Count : 24

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When the time comes 
That an ìrókò will fall 
Do not cry for we're all gonna be eaten by worms 

When the time comes,
Do not burn the body of this tree,
But let generations hear it's tales, generation like three. 

My heart leaps up and keep panting
Foreseeing the unseen 
And for thinking the unthinkable 

When the time comes 
That this tree will grow no more 
When the time comes that the root of this tree will be tearing away 
What will you do to stop it from running away?

Now this tree is swaying left and right
Thinking of how the end gonna be at night 
Will these trees gonna celebrate it when the time arrives? 
Will they respect it's demise or spit upon it's grave and play a mockery jive? 

When the time comes are you gonna miss this tree? 
An ìrókò is asking the world, is he going to be missed? 
When the time comes how many will bend and give a final respect for this tree?
However, I, you, or anyone could be this tree, 
When the time comes to leave this world am I gonna be missed? 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


  • Oct 04, 2022

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