High Castles Read Count : 24

Category : Poems

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Kings in their high castles
Sit upon their throne
Never seeing the people
Taking shelter in their homes

They speak of great things
Filled with emptiness
Stumble on their words
Their ideas are a mess

They are like the blind
Trying to lead the blind
Is it an elephant
Or tree by my side

They quash the active mind
The free thinkers and dreamers
Send them all to jail
For speaking out the truth

Shall we sit by
And admire the emperors new clothes
Or shall we call a halt
To the rules they wish to impose

They think we are fools
They think we are dumb
They think they can pull the wool
Over our truth seeking eyes

Who represents the people
In a true and honest way
Builds up our nation 
Long live the American way


  • Oct 03, 2022

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