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Break your back every day
What else have ya got
The govt wants it all
Including your last plot

Try to save a dollar for
The life you wish to live
Price goes up on everything
The man says won’t you give

A buck or two to tide me by
Til the day I die
No more inheritance
It almost makes me cry

Change your ways scrimp and save
Threads are going bare
Freeze a little every year
Why would they care

Old age come and go
No potters field for you
Can’t remember where I’m at
What else can I do

Thank you all for your time
Mines about come due
Hope you have a pleasant stay
There is a wage that’s due


  • Infinite Note

    Infinite Note

    A few words here and there you technically didn't have to use. Other than that well done.

    Oct 03, 2022

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