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No rat disturbs on our ceiling
No sound rejoice on our roof
Concrete grid been looking so lovely
Since I entered this mansion

Momma's try make it comfy
With spreads of fabric around the nails
Some times she'll hang thru a hole
Cos nails ain't play to Àbúlò

This new home looks neat
With dust mite designs like tiles
We also have scattered plants around
Aside is where momma place some wood
 There's a little kitchen to eat and warm

When it's night we shut out people
Only snakes and  lizards rebel
Sweet rain keeps drizzling our mouth
We taste heaven's blessings in our dome

Abeni, omo mi she'd say
Carry the mat, let's get some rest
Before you know it, it is day
No one even knows we there

not shy to walk out of my room anytime
Even with sweaters in broad day light
Momma'd cough out enough on sunday
Just for what they called pneumonia
I'd been shaken around embers these days
For We live in a rentless apartment
we ain't even get buck for treatment

Don't feel bad if I say stop, cos
Most days we don't receive visitors
Not because we have it all
Yes, our home is not a little less
When you've got your own, you should rejoice
Cos we live in rentless apartment
Just because we are shelterless.


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